Royal Tank Regiment Association, Plymouth Branch

Beginning in 2014, the Royal Tank Regiment Association, Plymouth Branch, 
have made a commitment to continue the annual memorial service at the
Sherman Tank Memorial Site established by the late Ken Small.

When the Tank Memorial was completed in 1984, the Royal Tank Regiment Association, Devon-Cornwall Branch, held an annual memorial service each April.  We will always be grateful for their 30 years of dedication in remembrance 
of those Americans who perished on April 28, 1944.

The families, survivors, and Dean Small express our sincere gratitude to the
Plymouth Branch for continuing the tradition of paying tribute to those who died


See Photographs Below from 26 April 2015 Memorial Service
Exercise Tiger Veteran, John Casner Jr., LST 499, and American family members were in attendance.

Lt. Steve Trepkowski, U.S. Navy Liasion, BRNC ~ Royal Marine Bugler 
and Exercise Tiger Veteran, John Casner, Jr., LST 499