The Veterans and Families Story Video 2013-2014

by Chris Kirsten, CeeVisk Int’l



I give my heartfelt thanks to Chris Kirsten, of CeeVisk HD Film Productions International, a professional independent film maker, who created this project.  Chris joined our group, with his camera, during part of our 2013 – 70th Anniversary Trip and has given so very generously of his time and talent, at his own expense during the past year, to create this film.   Not only did he include footage of our group while in the UK, but he spent countless hours researching Exercise Tiger and gathering archival information, incorporating it into a stunning visual documentary, along with interviews with veterans Floyd Hicks and John Casner, Jr.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to him.

Chris also provided invaluable assistance to me in editing and gathering my archival and current video footage for presentation on our website.  His endless patience and understanding during both projects is beyond expression.  Chris heard about the story of Exercise Tiger and the tragic loss of life from a long-time devoted friend of E.T. and our Guide, James Beaumont and his wife, Sharon.  He immediately asked if he could be of help to us and pay tribute to those who perished and honor the veterans and family members.  So I welcome Chris into the Exercise Tiger Family and acknowledge the selfless time and effort that he gave to this worthwhile project.  As with so many others over the years who have given from the heart to the memory of Exercise Tiger, he will always be a cherished friend.


Laurie Bolton,

Niece of Sgt. Louis A. Bolton

Who perished on board LST 531


CeeVisK HD Film Productions Int'l


Chris Kirsten.

EX39 1AA


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