RTR "TANK PULL" DONATION - The Royal Tank Regiment Squadron stationed in Tidworth, Hampshire, donated to the Sherman Tank Memorial after completing a Guinness world record tank pull.

Royal Tank Regiment Tank Pull for Exercise Tiger Memorial.

The Cyclops Squadron successfully set a Guinnes World Record
pulling a 62 Ton Challenger Tank 100 meters in the shortest time.

Preparations begin for the Tank Pull

Challenger 2 Tank, Weighs 62 Tons

RTR Cyclops Squadron Queues Up for the Tank Pull

The Plymouth Branch Royal Tank Regiment Association is always looking for ways to raise money to support the Exercise Tiger Memorial at Slapton Sands in Devon. Through the wonderful world of social media Terry Hughes, the Treasurer of the Plymouth Branch Royal Tank Regiment Association, put out a request to the members of the Association for some support. It was explained that the Royal Tank Regiment stationed in Tidworth Hampshire were going to attempt a Guinness world record and pull a 62 ton Challenger 2 tank 100 meters in the shortest time. This had never been done before. Cyclops Squadron, to whom the Plymouth Branch RTR Association is affiliated, had to set the challenge. The call went out and it was asked that if the Squadron completed the pull in two and one-half (2-½) minutes or less, would they be prepared to give a donation to help in the upkeep of the Sherman Tank memorial. The response was exceptional and many of the members gave generously.

On Wednesday, 3rd February 2016, all was set and some of the branch members along with Dean & Sarah Small, who manage the Sherman Tank Memorial, took the opportunity to attend the event in Tidworh and give their support to the Regiment. All was set and the Tankies were raring to go. Sixty men from the Squadron took up their positions and took the strain. GO!, was the command and the pull was on. Encouraged by supporters that lined the route along the 100 meters the men pulled with gusto. The pull was hard going but the chance of being the first to achieve the attempt to pull a 62 ton tank 100 meters was overwhelming.

Well, the end was in sight, and the pull getting harder, but they completed the task and the unofficial time was 2 Minutes and 9 seconds. The Guinness records team would not be able to confirm the time until it was registered at records office which could take a month, but they did not seem to disagree with the time taken.

The Regiment also decided to see if they could raise money to add to the amount the Plymouth branch were going to raise. All those who donated and the money from the Regiment amounted to £853.81p a fantastic amount and thanks has to go to all those that gave their support and donated on the completion of the pull in under the agreed 2 1/2 minutes.

All proceeds have been sent to Exercise Tiger Memorial Ltd (Dean Small) and will be used to help maintain/preserve the Sherman tank memorial that stands in honour of those that lost their lives on Exercise Tiger 27/28th April 1944.

More Photos & Video Footage Will be Posted Soon