Memorial Site Ground Improvements


We are pleased to share photographs of improvements made in 2022
to the grounds and surface of the Sherman Tank Memorial Site with funds that
have been generously donated to provide for a long-lasting tribute
to the 639 American Soldiers and Sailors who died on April 28, 1944. 



A new surface around the Tank and access path is a resin-bound system that uses different size and color grit
mixed with a special clear resin.  It is troweled on about 15 mm thick. Once set, it is both non-slip and very hard wearing.


The work included the removal of all the boulders to allow for a strong weed suppresant membrane to be fitted and
then the boulders were replaced.  Dean requested that some boulders be removed, as there were too many.


There are two new benches at the rear of the site.

The black bollards have been replaced with non-rusting ones.

A new frame was made for the information board.

Dean Small involved himself in much of the research and background work, along with his labor to keep costs down.

The existing information board contains all the names of the 
639 American Soldiers and Sailors who perished.


It is difficult to see, but concrete footings have been put in place under the front and back, to
allow steel supports to be fabricated and fitted.  The steel supports are necessary to keep the Tank from collapsing
upon itself after 40 years under the sea, and on this site since 1984.  This work will hopefully be done during
October 2022 or March/April 2023.