Exercise Tiger 2014 Smithsonian Documentary now on Netflix.


This documentary was made in 2014 for the 70th Anniversary of Exercise Tiger
by the Smithsonian Channel.  It originally aired on June 1, 2014.
At the end of the information below, you will find the Netflix Link for this film.

Laurie Bolton provided information for this documentary and participated in the filming, along with Exercise Tiger Veterans: 

John Casner, Jr.            LST 499

Paul Gerolstein Sr.        LST 515

Nathan Resnick            LST 511

Doug Harlander            LST 531 

Tom Glynn                   LST 289

Although she gave the TVT Production Company the correct facts regarding Exercise Tiger in her possession, they did make some errors and assumptions that are not correct:

  1.  ALL of the dead of the convoy were accounted for, contrary to what was stated at the beginning of the piece by the historian from Kansas.
  2. It was FOUR E-boats that attacked the convoy, not nine e-boats, as stated in a letter from the German commander of the S130 that Laurie provided to the production team.  The flotilla began with nine e-boats, but then five headed towards the East, and four towards the West, who encountered the unprotected convoy.

Professor Harry Bennett, a professor of history at Plymouth University in England, and historian on Exercise Tiger, appears in this documentary.  He informed me that he would grade the accuracy of this documentary at 75%, and was pleased, for the most part, that it only gave a small amount of coverage to unproven conspiracy theories.