John A. Miglionico - LST 507

Tech/5 John A. Miglionico - U. S. Army
478th Amphibious Truck Company
Buried in Farmington National Cemetery in New York


Brief History of John A. Miglionico by Laura DiLorenzo, Niece and Stephen Miglionico, Nephew

Our uncle Johnny was born on August 8,1919, and was one of six sons: Dominic (Barry); Salvatore; Mario; Frank (our dad); and Anthony (Tony).

They were born in Brooklyn, New York to Joseph and Frances. Four of his brothers also served in WWll. 

Like so many other soldiers, he had a girl waiting for him back home with a promise of marriage. He was also to be Best Man for our Dad. He could not wait to come home to his Mom, Dad, and family, and of course his girl. Family meant so much to Uncle Johnny, he had a niece, nephew, and future sister-in-law (our mom) that he was anxious to meet. Unfortunately that never happened. His parents and brothers never got over his death. He has 14 nieces and nephews who he has never met, but keep his memory alive. He is not forgotten!!

We treasure the letters he wrote to mom and read them from time to time.  He was awarded the Purple Heart and is buried at Farmington National Cemetery in New York.

RIP dear uncle, you gave the ultimate sacrifice. Until we meet one day!