James W. Durrum - LST 507

James W. Durrum - U. S. Navy
Seaman 1st Class
Buried in Kentucky, U.S.A.

Brief History of James William Durrum, by his brother, Anthony Durrum

Billy as we called him was the first of 12 children born in a small town in central Kentucky. He wanted to be a part of the war effort so he asked his father if he would sign for him to join at age 17. His parents divorced just after he entered the navy and he provided an allotment of his pay for his mom to take care of his younger siblings. The money he provided insured they would have some income. Billy was engaged to marry but never made it back home to tie the knot.

I was born the year after his death so I never met him but through his actions alone I know that I would be
proud of my big brother.