60th Anniversary Trip - 2004

April 2004
Our Group at the Sherman Tank Memorial, Slapton Sands, England
Mark & Charlie Brubaker, Helen & Steve Sadlon, Bill & Lorraine Hicks,
The Seibel Family & Laurie Bolton
Charlie Brubaker - U. S. Navy - LST 511
Motor Machinist Mate, 2nd Class
Steve Sadlon - U. S. Navy
LST 507 - Rescued
Radioman 2nd Class
William B. Hicks - U. S. Navy
LST 531 - Rescued
Ship Fitter, 3rd Class
Pfc. Louis Seibel - U. S. Army - LST 515
Deceased 2001
Represented by his wife, Barbara
and Louis & Marie Seibel & Carol Seibel Blythe
Sgt. Louis A. Bolton - U. S. Army
Perished on board LST 531
607th Graves Registration Co.
Represented by his niece, Laurie Bolton
Charlie Brubaker, William Hicks, Laurie Bolton & Steve Sadlon
going out to Lyme Bay to lay a wreath over LSTs 507 & 531

Veterans Surrounded by the Media

Ceremony at the Tank Memorial

Ferguson, Hicks, Sadlon & Brubaker laying a Wreath

Church Service at Stokenham Church after Wreath Laying

Wreaths on the Tank

On the beach with the Veterans

Aerial View of Normandy American Cemetery

Normandy American Cemetery - St. Laurent

Omaha Beach

Mark & Charlie Brubaker on Utah Beach

Sadlon, Hicks & Brubaker receiving Medals at Utah Beach Museum

German Guns at Longues

Eiffel Tower - Paris

The Louvre - Paris

Cambridge American Cemetery - England

Louis A Bolton's Name on the Wall of the Missing - Cambridge

Tower Bridge - London

Westminster Abbey - London

Big Ben - London

St. Paul's Cathedral - London

Royal Albert Hall - London

Windsor Castle - Windsor


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