Remembrance - Memorial Day, May 28, 2018

Rembering on this Memorial Day, the 639 lives lost in Exercise Tiger
and all others who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, the American Flag is flying over the Sherman Tank Memorial, 
in honor of Memorial Day.  Thank you to Dean Small, who raised the flag.

Please see the archival photos below from the 60th anniversary in April, 2004

Preparing to board the "Skin-Deep" in Weymouth, to make our
way to LST 507 and LST 531, under the sea in Lyme Bay
to lay a wreath in memory of those lost on April 28, 1944


Left to Right:  Charles Brubaker, LST 511, William Hicks, LST 531,
Laurie Bolton, Steve Sadlon, LST 507

(All three survivors are now deceased)

Walking on the beach in Torcross, Slapton Sands

Our Group
Brubkaker's, Sadlon's, Hicks', Seibel's, Laurie