Faces of Cambridge - Memorial Day 2017

A beautiful tribute was made at Cambridge American Cemetery in time 
for Memorial Day 2017.  A project named "Faces of Cambridge"
was brought to fruition by volunteers and cemetery staff. 
Every possible photograph available was placed at the individual crosses
and by each name on the Wall of the Missing.  

Cambridge American Cemetery is the official burial place for Exercise Tiger
casualities whose remains were not returned to the USA, and
for those whose bodies were never recovered.

Please watch the YouTube video link below.


The following photographs of the displays and event were provided by
Arthur Brookes, retired Cemetery Associate and Interpretive Guide from 2002-2015,
as well as Dean & Sarah Small, who helped place flags at the graves.

The subtitle for this project was called "Forever Young" and 
was held from 27-28 May, with a formal service held on
Memorial Day, May 29, 2017

Pvt. Jacob Bohl, who died on board LST 507

Please see the text below of an article that was posted online about this project.

When Cambridge was chosen to be the permanent site of the only World War II American Cemetery in Britain the location played an important role. The hillside position looks north across the flat Fenlands of East Anglia; a beautiful setting in which to come and reflect on the lives of those young soldiers, airmen and sailors - some barely 18 years old.

East Anglia was used extensively to build the huge network of USAAF airfields from where so many crews set off for the air war over Europe.

As you walk among the headstones you can read the brief epitaphs written there. Those buried came from all walks of life, from all parts of the USA and had many different roles while they were based in Britain. They lived and worked here, often making strong and enduring friendships with the local people. Whatever the stories behind their remaining here at Cambridge, the Cemetery honours their competence, courage and sacrifice. General Pershing said:

‘Time will not dim the glory of their deeds’

How much better to see their faces, calling to us, rising ghost-like from the past?

There are so many stories here of the men and women who gave their lives in the Battle of the Atlantic, the strategic bombing campaign, those who died in the invasion of Europe and who were killed in training exercises on British soil. So many headstones – so many names. It is difficult to comprehend who they were from a sea of crosses. However, if you know the story of the one; the man to his right; and the woman on his left, then the enormity assumes more human proportions. Having an image, a picture of the person, enables us to begin to understand their story.

‘Faces of Cambridge’ was born in 2016, the 60th Anniversary year of the official opening of the Cemetery. On Memorial Day Weekend 2017 , these pictures will be displayed at the headstone or on the Wall of the Missing and we now have over 3000. So come and meet our American heroes, in what is the 75th Anniversary of the arrival of US troops in Britain, known as ‘The Friendly Invasion’.

You can also see pictures of some of these young Americans who never made it home, in the’ Visitor Center’, and learn of their stories throughout the year.